Manufacturer BMB
Maximum Speed (drive) 360 m/min
Substrate Width 400-660 mm
Substrat Basis Weight 40-300 g/m2
Roll Maximum Diameter 1000 mm
Core Inside Diameter 76.2 et 101.4 mm
Number of Unwind Stands 2
Number of Winders 1


Manufacturer Jagenberg/BMB
Model Blade/Barflex
Coating Weight 4-20 g/m2
Maximum Solid Content 68 %
Viscosity 300-2000 cPs
Manufacturer Jagenberg/BMB
Model Variogravure
Coating Weight 7.5-10.5 g/m2
Maximum Solid Content 55 %
Maximum Viscosity 200 cPs
Applicator Roll line spacing 33 lignes/cm @ 45°
Manufacturer Danson
Model Hartig
Adhesion Treatment Corona (Pillar Corp.) 4.2 kVA
Chill Roll 597 mm dia./Matte Surface
Secondary Unwind Stand  457 mm roll on 76.2 mm Core
Manufacturer Brampton Engineering
Model 350-30AC
Power – motor 75 kW
Power – heating 37.4 kW
Number of heating zones (barrel) 6
Number of heating zones (die) 3
Number of heating zones (die lip) 1
Die manufacturer Egan “Series 32”
Slot width 760 mm
Screw diameter 89 mm
L/D Screw Ratio 30:1
Maximum Temperature 480°C
Extrusion Capacity (LDPE) 205 kg/h
Manufacturer Coating Moisturizing System
Model CM-203
Coating Weight 0.4-50 g/m2
Maximum Solid Content 65 %
Manufacturer Krieger
Energy Source Gaz naturel
Number of Rows 4
Number of Emitters 5 par rangée
Power 32 kW/rangée
Manufacturer BMB
Number of hoods 3
Maximum Air Temperature 190°C
Maximum Air Speed 50 m/s
Number of Nozzles 25 nozzles/hood
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model ProLine
Number of Scanners 2
On-line Measurements Basis weight, moisture

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