machine à papier

Papermachine main specifications


Manufacturer GL&V
Former type Hybride
Machine length (m) 70
Sheet width (mm) 455
Minimum speed (m/min) 100
Maximum speed (m/min) 1000
Minimum basis weight (g/m2) 35
Maximum basis weight (g/m2) 205

Innofibre’s pilot papermachine is made of the following parts:

Number of dosing pumps 4
Type of pumps Progressive cavity
Type of control Flow or ratio
Remotely monitored variables Level and flow
Injection points available Several
Machine chest capacity (m3) 70
Number of storage tanks 2
Storage tank capacity (m3) 25
Total pulp storage capacity (m3) 120
Headbox screen Selectifier 24-P
Dilution water screen Selectifier 12-P
Cleaner model Cleanpac 700
Number of cleaners available (1st stage) 20
Number of stage 5
Caisse d'arrivée

Model BTF
Type Dilution
Number of dilution zones 5
Oscillating breast roll adjustment Speed & frequency
Table de formation

Table length (m) 21
Number of top formers available 2
Former type “V” et “C”
Vacuum box number 18
Vacuum box flow measurment V-notch
Number of consistency analyzers 2
Type of consistency analyzers Kajaani – RMi
Position of consistency analyzers Headbox and white water
Cationic demand analyser type BTG (PCT-20)
Cationic demand sampler BTG (TSS)
Portable basis weight analyser type NDC (104P)

First press type Bi-Nip
First press load (kN/m) 100
Second press type Jumbo
Second press maximum load (kN/m) 350
Third press type Extended nip
Third press maximum load (kN/m) 1000
Number of different configurations 8
Availability of wet sheet reeling Yes


Number of sections 3
Number of cylinders – first section 4
Number of cylinders – second section 12
Number of cylinders – third section 12
Drying cylinder diameter (m) 1.52
Steam flowrate measurement Yes
Condensate flowrate measurement Yes
Hood type Fully closed
Siphon type Fixed
Tail threading system manufacturer Wespatt
Type of tail threading system Rope
Manufacturer Voith
Model Ecosoft
Type of calender Soft nip
Number of stacks 2
Maximum speed (m/min) 1500
Maximum load (kN/m) 500
Maximum temperature (°C) 150
Steam shower position On each nip
Type of covers Several available
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model Da Vinci
Number of sensors 8
Sensor types
  • Basis weight
  • Moisture
  • Caliper
  • Gloss (both sides)
  • Color
  • Brightness
  • Opacity
  • Formation
Automatically control variables Basis weight, moisture
Manufacturer GL&V
Type of reel With primary and secondary arms
Maximum reel diameter (mm) 2000
Sheet transfer With air jet

Manufacturer GL&V
Type of winder Single drum
Jumbo roll maximum diameter (mm) 2032
Paper roll maximum diameter (mm) 1220
Maximum speed (mm) 1000
Core support type Air shaft
Core diameter (mm) 102
Système de contrôle (DCS)

Manufacturer Emerson
Model Delta V
Number of papermachine inputs and outputs >= 600
Number of control loops >= 350
Manufacturer OSIsoft
Software PI
Number of recorded variables (pilot plant total) >= 1000
Data acquisition frequency (s) 1-60
Manufacturer GL&V
Model Hydra Sizer

To get the Papermachine technical sheet (in french), click here.

To know more about the pilot papermachine, contact Jean Paradis at 819-376-5011 extension 4521.