Innofibre posseses equipment for mechanical pulping in the pilot plant and for chemical pulping at the laboratory level.

Equipment available

Chip screen

Classeur de copeaux

Manufacturer Rader
Model M-2215
Type Disks
Thickeness fractions >= 8 mm, 8-6 mm, 6-4 mm, 4-2 mm, <= 2mm

Chip washer

Laveur à copeaux

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model LC-20
Type Rotating drum and shower

Atmospheric impregnation system

Système d'imprégnation atmosphérique

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Capacity 10-15 tm/j
Pre-heating bin APS-60, 3.7 m3
Side feeder SF-07, 180 mm dia.
Plug screw feedeer PSF-0740, 180 mm dia., ratio 4@1, 45 kW
Imprégnator AVIS-1008, 240 mm dia., 2 vertical screws

Refining system

Système de raffinage

Système de raffinage

Manufacturer Metso
Capacity 0.65-3.3 tm/j
Pre-heating bin 0.14 m3
Plug scew feeder PR 4, 100 mm dia., ratio 2@1, 7.5 kW
Pre-heater 0.11 m3, Pmax 1700 kPag, Tmax 207°C
Disk primary refiner CD-300, 150 kW, variable speed
Steam separator Pmax 1200 kPag, Tmax 190°C
Interstage bin 0.7 m3
Disk secondary refiner CD-300, 150 kW, variable speed

To know more about mechanical pulping, contact Gaston Michaud at 819-376-5011 poste 4536.

 Six liter digesters

Lessiveurs de 6 litres

Manufacturer M/K
Number of units 2
Volume 6 L
Maximum pressure 1.5 barg
Maximum temperature 203°C

Twenty liter digesters

Lessiveurs de 20 litres

Manufacturer M/K
Number of unites 2
Volume 20 L
Maximum pressure 2.2 barg
Maximum temperature 220°C

To know more about chemical pulping, contact Sylvain Duquette at 819-376-5011 extension 4524.


Examples of projects

  • Thermomechanical and chimicothermomechanical pulping
  • Multistage impregnation
  • Alkaline peroxide mechanical pulping
  • Reject refining
  • Tropical wood pulping
  • Hardwood pulping (birch, aspen, maple)
  • Annual plant pulping (kenaf, industrial hemp)
  • Kraft, sulfite and semi-chemical pulping
  • Delignification of lignocellulosic material