Specifications of the cellulosic pulp thermoforming system

Innofibre is offering full capabilities of using a cellulosic pulp moulding and thermoforming system of an industrial size and design as well as several available 3D thermoforming tools (moulding, transfer, thermoforming cavities). The system is fully instrumented and all operation data are collected.

Max Product Size L x W x H 1524 mm x 533 mm x 76.2 mm (60 inch x 21 inch x 3 inch)
Platen configuration 5 individual platens to manufacture up to 5 different products of 304 mm x 533 mm
Max Capacity 45 kg per hour dry weight
Min pulp quantity 4 kg dry weight
Drops per minutes 2 pending product thickness and geometry
Moulding Tank Capacity 330 L – Max Capacity of 756 L
Vacuum System 584 mmHg adjustable
Moulding System Servo driven rotary head, vacuum system
Blow off System 6.9 barg and 2.8-4.2 m3/min adjustable
Transfer System Servo driven y-axis and z-axis programmable, vacuum system, blow off system
Heating System Multi-zoned and adjustable, upper and lower platens heating, upper and lower tools heating
Thermoforming System Servo driven vertical z-axis multi positions, heating system, vacuum system, blow off system
Additive System 4 reservoirs with individual pumps (3 low dose materials and 1 for colour)
Die Wash System Tooling Die Wash System at low and high pressure (33 barg)
Stacking and Unloading System Integrated Stacking System and Transfer Conveyor to the operator for packing
For more information about the thermoforming system, contact Tarik Jabrane at 819-376-5011 extension 4549.