Innofibre owns a versatile and flexible coating/laminating pilot unit which allows to fulfill the needs of the paper and packaging industries.  This unit can be use to improve existing products or to develop new ones.

It allows to carry out most operations required to transform papers and paperboards by coating and laminating:

  • Blade coating
  • Bar coating
  • Gravure coating
  • Wet lamination
  • Corona treatment
  • Extrusion coating
  • Coating/laminating with extruded polymers
  • Hydrophilic transfer roll coating
  • Infrared drying
  • Hot air drying

Whether developing an improve packaging product or a printing paper with unequaled surface properties, Innofibre can test new ideas at a limited risk.

The coating/laminating pilot unit is integrated in a pilot plant where it is possible to prepare pulp, to transform this pulp in paper, to coat, to laminate and to supercalender the final product in a single venue.

Innofibre laboratories which are very well equipped allow to caracterized all the products made in the pilot plant.  Innofibre customers can also have access to Innofibre laboratories for their own projects.

To get the card (in French) on Coating/laminating pilot unit, click here.

To know more about pilot plant surface treatment, contact Gaston Michaud at 819-376-5011 extension 4536.

To know more about laboratory surface treatment, contact Sylvain Duquette at 819-376-5011 extension 4524.