Innofibre papermachine is one of the fastest pilot paper machine in the world.  With 28 drying cylinders, it produce, at a speed of 1000 m/min, paper rolls ready for printing trials.
This pilot papermachine is controlled with the Delta V control system from Emerson, the latest distributed control system (DCS) technology.  This system counts more sensors than all industrial machines.  The dry sheet properties are mesured with a Da Vinci scanner from Honeywell which includes basis weight, moisture, caliper, ash, formation, brigthness, opacity, color and gloss (for both sides) sensors.  Thousand of input and output signals are continuously recorded.
Innofibre papermachine is a powerful tool for the development of new paper types at different operating conditions with various furnishes.  Paper can be produced in a wide range of basis weight that goes from 30 to 300 g/m².  The Fourdrinier can be used with or without a top former.  The machine is ideal for the development of new prototypes and for the evaluation of new equipment (headboxes, drainage elements, clothing, drying strategies, …).

Innofibre is independent from equipment suppliers.  Trials done at Innofibre are not tied to a potential papermachine sale.  It is available to all those interested to carry out papermaking trials.  Sustantial tax credits can be obtained by Quebec and Canadian companies.

  • Wet end chemistry optimisation
  • New product development
  • Felts and wires improvement
  • Components and accessories innovation
  • Cellulose transformative technologies

Innofibre pilot plant is equipped with a complete semi-industrial papermachine which is available for the paper industry to realize research and development projects.

  • New product development
  • Value added paper production
  • Process optimization du procédé (equipment, charges, additives)
  • New equipment development
  • Papemaking with industrial made pulps or with pulps made at Innofibre
  • Retention program evaluation
  • Production with alternatives fibers (chrysotile, wheat, corn, flax, eucalyptus…)
  • Break diagnostic on industrial machines with a high speed camera
To get the card (in French) on the Papermachine, click here.
To know more about the papermachine, contact Jean Paradis at 819-376-5011 extension 4521.