Innofibre pilot plant can be configured to replicate many pulp treatment processes.

Examples of achievements:

  • Evaluation and comparaison of equipment performances (test bench)
  • Comparaison of process strategies
  • Operator training on process and equipment operation
  • New chemical trials
  • Process optimization
  • Main line and reject line treatment for thermomecanical pulp (TMP)
  • Process development for old newsprints (ONP) and old magazines (OMG)
  • Process development for mixed office waste (MOW)
  • Process development for old corrugated containers (OCC)
  • Process comparaison with dilution water recirculation
  • Pulp fractionation with screens and hydrocyclones
  • Enzymatic deinking
  • Desing of new cleaner geometry
  • Recycle pulp washing strategy development
  • Flotation colum technology transfert from the mining industry to the papermaking industry

To know more on process development, contact Gaston Michaud at 819-376-5011 extension 4536.

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