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Eric Desnoes


Cell phone: 819-995-5188

Main sector of activity:

Main areas of activity and research:
  • Physical and chemical testing of pulp and paper
  • Thermoforming of paper pulp
  • Fermentation of microalgae

Éric holds a Ph.D. in renewable materials. His R&D interests are biomass valorization, green chemistry and circular economy. Throughout his academic career, he has developed various skills in organic synthesis, renewable polymeric materials and enzymatic catalysis.

Main publications

Marc, M.; Risani, R.; Desnoes, E.; Falourd, X.; Pontoire, B.; Rodrigues, R.; Escórcio, R.; Batista, A. P.; Valentin, R.; Gontard, N.; Silva Pereira, C.; Lopez, C.; Leroy, E.; Lourdin, D.; Marion, D.; Bakan, B. Bioinspired Co-Polyesters of Hydroxy-Fatty Acids Extracted from Tomato Peel Agro-Wastes and Glycerol with Tunable Mechanical, Thermal and Barrier Properties, Industrial Crops and Products, vol.170, 0926-6690, 2021.

Desnoes, E.; Toubal, L.; Thibeault, D.; Bouazza, A. H.; Montplaisir, D. Bio-Sourced Vinyl Ester Resin Reinforced with Microfibrillar Cellulose: Mechanical and Thermal Properties. Polymers and Polymer Composites, 2021.

Desnoes, E.; Toubal, L.; Bouazza, A. H.; Montplaisir, D. Biosourced vanillin Schiff base platform monomers as substitutes for DGEBA in thermoset epoxy, Polym Eng Sci, vol.60 (10), 2593-2605, 2020.




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