Our equipment

Paper, cardboard and thermoformed analyses

Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer – Optest (PPF)
Q-SUN Xenon Test Chambers
Optical tensiometer
Force tensiometer
Oxygen permeability analyzer
Water vapour permeability analyzer
Temperature and humidity controlled room
Thwing-Albert micrometer
Mullen model A and C, Messmer (2) bursting strenght testers
Tearing tester
Instron 5565 tensile tester
Pulmac Trouble Shooter (Zero span) tensile tester
MIT folding tester
Gurley, PPS and Bendtsen porosimeter
Sheffield, PPS and Bendtsen rugosimeter
TMI static and dynamic friction coefficients
Messmer flat and ring crush tester
Technibrite Micro TB-1C reflectometer
Color Touch spectrophotometer
Thwing-Albert vapometers (24)
Hercules (HST) and Mutek (EST) sizing testers
Concora flutter
Taber stiffness
Messmer stiffness tester
Neenah expansimeter
Dennison wax test
Taber abrasion
STFI crush tester
Scott Bond analyzer
Beloit sheet splitter
FPI Rigidity Tester
L&W TSO tester
TEST/PLUSTM Gloss Technidyne 20° & 75°


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