Our equipment

Pulping and treatment

Pulping and pulp treatment equipment can be used as a single module at a time or in a chain of modules running from pulping to thickening, and with process water recirculation as required. Sensors deployed in the distributed control system (DCS) facilitate process control and monitoring Measurements from the sensors (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.) are centralized and processed there for process regulation and data archiving.

Chip screen
Chip washer
Atmospheric impregnation system
Refining system
Static reactor
High consistency pulper
Discharge/latency tank
Pressurize screen
Flotation cells
Lightweight contaminant hydrocyclones
Conventional hydrocyclones/Forward cleaners
High density hydrocyclone
Screening system
Screw press
High consistency mixer
Side hill screen
Dissolved air flotation cell
Bleaching system
Hydrocyclone test bench
Low consistency disk refiner
Low consistency conical refiner
Tornado pulper
Twin-wire press


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