Biomass conditioning

Intervention fields

  • High-frequency screening of shreds and chips
  • Mechanical fractionation of virgin and residual wood (Construction Renovation and Demolition, Industries Businesses and Institutions, etc.)
  • Separation of wood and organic or inorganic waste by particle size and density
  • Sorting and identification of wood, fibers and residual materials by near infrared spectrometry (NIR) and visible spectrometry (VIS)


  • Development and optimization of residual materials sorting lines
  • Setting and configuration of separation, sorting and grinding equipment
  • Improvement of residual wood quality
  • Pilot scale validation of outlets for residual biomass
  • Valorization of fine materials by hydrothermal liquefaction

Our equipment

  • Screening
    • High-frequency vibrating sieve shaker with three outlets
    • Sieving area of 16’ x 5’
    • Self-cleaning grid design (T, D, S)
  • Densimetric separation
    • Adjustable power Air Knife function
    • Variable speed of the acceleration conveyor
    • Adjustable separation curtain position
  • Optical sorting machine
    • High-resolution spectrometer
    • Separation capacity in the visible (VIS) and nearinfrared spectrum (NIR)
    • High-resolution and high-power pneumatic nozzle rods
    • Binary and ternary separation setup
    • Hourly separation rate up to 15 TMV
  • Hammer mill
    • Various sizes of grinding grates
    • Drum rotation speed up to 3500 RPM
    • High-strength hammer set
    • Hourly grinding flow of 12 TMV


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