Mechanical Pulping

Intervention fields

  • Chips impregnation
  • High yield pulping processes : RMP, TMP, CTMP, APP
  • Pulp fractionation
  • High yield pulp bleaching


  • High and low consistency refining
  • Screen and hydrocyclone fractionation
  • Mechanical pulp application in packaging products (papers and boards)
  • Hydrogen peroxyde and sodium hydrosulfite bleaching
  • Pulp characterization
  • Softwood and hardwood pulping

Our equipment


  • Pilot scale
    • Chip screens
    • Chip washer
    • Impregnation system
    • High consistency refiners
    • Low consistency refiners


  • Laboratory scale
    • Mixers
    • Thermostatic baths
    • Polyethylene bags
  • Pilot scale
    • Liquor preparation system
    • High consistency mixers
    • High consistency pulper
    • Atmospheric and pressurized reactor


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