Paper Machine

Intervention fields

  • Development of new types of cellulosic products in an industry-like environment
  • Optimization of chemicals used in the paper or cardboard making process
  • Development and evaluation of innovative paper machine components and accessories


  • Development of new grades of paper or cardboard from innovative fiber blends to give the final product the particular properties required
  • Production of prototype paper for potential customers
  • Get reliable data for representative scale-up
  • Identification and resolution of technological barriers in the manucfacturing of innovative cellulosic products

Our equipment

  • Approach system
    • Storage capacity of 120 m³ (3 tanks)
    • Screens and cleaners
    • Several injection points
  • Dilution headbox (5 areas)
  • Formation table
    • V or C type hybrid former
    • 18 vaccum boxes
    • 6 suction pumps
    • Secondary headbox or coating
  • Presses section (3 presses)
    • 1st press type : bi-nip (500 pli)
    • 2nd press type : Jumbo (2000 pli)
    • 3rd press type : extended nip (6000 pli)
  • Dryers section
    • 28 dryers divided into 3 sections (4-12-12)
    • The drying cylinder diameter is 1,52 m
    • Fixed siphons and turbulence bars
    • Hood with sliding doors
  • Soft nip calender
  • Honeywell Da Vinci scanner with 8 sensors
  • Reel that can make 2m diameter bobbins
  • Winder for rolls on cardboard cores
  • Finished sheet width 16 inches
  • DCS control system (360 control loops)
  • On-line historian (PI from OSIsoft)
  • 10 high-speed cameras


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