Surface treatment

Intervention fields

  • Coating of cellulosic substracts on laboratory and pilot scales
  • Coating from polymers extrusion
  • Supercalendering
  • Making the paper surface fonctionnal


  • Development and application of biosourced coatings with barrier properties
  • Improvment of the recyclability and repulpability of cellulosic packaging
  • Characterization of cellulosic packaging
  • Bioactive papers
  • Fireproof papers

Our equipment


  • Coating laboratory machine CLC 7000
  • Couating laboratory machine RK
  • Beloit Wheeler calender


  • Coating with
    • blade or rotary rod
    • gravure coater
    • polymer extrusion
    • hydrophilic transfer coater
  • Wet laminating
  • Supercalander
  • Electroculcher pretreatment (Corona)
  • Infrared or hot air drying
  • Coated papers characterization
    • Infrared scanner (FTIR)
    • Thermogravimetric scanner (TGA)
    • Permeability to water vapor
    • Oxygen transmission rate
    • Adhesion
    • Thermoscellability analyze
    • Coating rheology
    • Recyclability and repulpability test
    • Compostability and biodegradability test


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