Pilot plant


The versatility of its pulp treatment pilot plant allows Innofibre to meet its customer demand as much for research, development and technological transfer as for education and training.

The pilot plant is designed in a modular concept.  The equipment order can be changed at will. The pulp treatment pilot plant is particularly used to carry out the following activities:

  • Process development
  • Containerboard recycling
  • Low consistency refining
  • Pulp bleaching

To get the card (in French) about Pulp treatment and fractionation, click here.

To know more about pulp treatment, contact Gaston Michaud at 819-376-5011 extension 4536.

Our equipment

Triturateur à haute consistance  Triturateur à haute consistance

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model 4.2 HC 43
Volume 4.2 m3 , dilution up to 16 m3
Capacity 600 kg sec
Consistency 12-15%
Motor 112 kW
Rotor speed 232 rpm
Extraction plate 16 mm holes, 22.7% open area
Volume 35 m3
Consistency Up to 5%
Heating Direct and indirect
Agitator 37 kW, constant speed
Hydrocyclone à haute densité

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model HY-300HD 2.5
Dimension 300 mm dia.
Flow 650-850 LPM
Consistency 3-4%
Tamis pressurisé  Tamis pressurisé

Manufacturer GL&V
Model M-18
Dimension 457 mm dia.
Flow 1000-6000 LPM
Consistency 0.6-2.5%
Motor 93 kW speed
Baskets et rotors Several available
Tamis pressurisé

Cellules de flottation

Manufacturer Kadant (Black Clawson)
Model IIM-BC Flotator 5
Volume 7 m3
Flow 350-950 LPM
Consistency 0.8-1.2%
Ratio air/pulp 5-10

Cellules de flottation

Manufacturer CSPP / Kvaerner Hymac
Model FC-600
Dimension 600 mm dia., 1.76 m3
Flow 175-400 LPM
Consistency 0.8-1.2%
Ratio air/pulp 1-1.5
Hydrocyclones pour contaminants légers

Manufacturer Kadant (Black Clawson)
Model – stage 1 X-clone (7)
Model – stage 2 X-clone (1)
Dimension 75 mm dia.
Flow 1200-1600 LPM
Consistency 0.9-1.0%
Hydrocyclones conventionnels

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model – stage 1 HY-200EH 2.0 (3) ou HY-80X (15)
Model – stage 2 HY-200EH 2.0 (1) ou HY-80X (6)
Model – stage 3 HY-100EH (1)
Model – stage 4 HY-90EH (1) with or without elutriation
Dimension 80-200 mm dia.
Flow 1500-1700 LPM
Consistency 0.45-1.2%
Système de tamisage

Manufacturer Kadant (Black Clawson)
Model – P1 Selectifier 8P
Model – P2 Mini-Screen MS-50
Model – S Mini-Screen MS-50
Dimension 405 (P1) et 410 (P2, S) mm dia.
Flow 500-2000 LPM
Consistency 0.6-2.5%
Motor 22 kW, (P1 at variable speed)
Baskets et rotors Several available
Épaississeur à tambour

Manufacturer Kvaerner Hymac
Model with or without couch roll
Dimension 1.2 m dia. X 1.2 m
Flow 650-2000 LPM
Consistency – inlet 0.5-1.2%
Consistency – outlet 4-7%
Top wire 10 mesh in stainless steel
Bottom wire 40 mesh in stainless steel
Motor 3.7 kW at variable speed
Presse à vis

Manufacturer Thune (Voith)
Model SP-23
Dimension 240 mm dia.
Flow 150-400 LPM
Consistency – inlet 3-5%
Consistency – outlet 25-35%
Motor Hydraulic, 0-60 t/min
Basket 1.2 mm dia. holes, open area 22.5%
Mélangeur à haute consistance

Manufacturier Kvaerner Hymac
Modèle HSM-12
Dimension 300 mm dia.
Capacité 10-15 tm/jour
Consistance 25-35%
Injection Vapeur et liqueur de blanchiment
Tamis incliné

Manufacturer Sweco
Model SV4YA
Dimension 1270 mm X 1170 mm
Flow 400-500 LPM
Consistency – inlet 0.5-1.2%
Consistency – outlet 3-5%
Slots 0.51 mm
Cellule de flottation à air dissous

Manufacturer STAS
Model Mobil unit on a trailer
Volume 0.54 m3
Flow 115 LPM
Aeration 2.5-5.0 LPM
Système de blanchiment    Système de blanchiment

Manufacturer Valmet
Volume – bin 0.6 m3
Mixer Consistency 15-40%
Agitated reactor 0.74 m3, Pmax 800 kPag, Tmax 175°C
Injection Steam, bleaching liquor
Banc d'essais d'hydrocyclones

Models Kvaerner Hymac HY-200EH 2.0, HY-150, HY-100EH, HY-80X
Models GL&V (Celleco) Cleanpac 250 LWR, 270, 350
Models GL&V (Beloit) Posiflow, Uniflow
Models Kadant (Noss) AM80, BM80
Dimension 80-200 mm dia.
Flow 50-750 LPM
Consistency 0.45-1.2%
Raffineurs à basse consistance

Manufacturer GL&V (Beloit)
Model DD-4000 (single disk version)
Disk diameter 500 ou 600 mm
Flow 125-1200 LPM
Consistency 2-6%
Motor 335 kW, 1200 t/min,variable speed
Disk patterns Several available


Raffineurs à basse consistance

Manufacturer Valmet
Model RF-0 conical
Flow 90-870 LPM
Consistency 2-6%
Motor 150 kW, 1800 t/min, variable speed
Cone patterns SM, SF, LF, LC